Part 1: The “Gals”

I am a HUGE US Women’s National Soccer Team fan.  Like fangirl level.  Like little 8 year old girl in the stands who looks like she might die right then and there, fan.  I watch nearly every game, try to go to as many games in person as I can, and own who knows how many shirts and jerseys.

This obsession has been ongoing since I can remember.  Watching my idol(and still idol to this day) Mia Hamm run rampant on the field, the chills I got(and still get every. single. time.) as I watched the ’99 World Cup, and the tears of joy and heartache after each big win and loss, are some of the most vivid memories and moments I have had in my 26 years of life.

If the US is playing a friendly match, you can bet my DVR is set if I can’t watch it live.  If the US is playing in an international tournament, you can bet my DVR is set, and I have also stopped whatever I am doing, wherever I am, to seek out a TV and watch.

Why though?  Why am I and many other people, both male and female of all ages, so obsessed and invested in this team??  What makes them so irresistible to even people who have little interest in soccer?  It may just be my rose colored glasses, but it seems as if no other USA team captures the hearts of our country like the USWNT does.

Here’s my list of why I believe many of us have such a love affair with the group currently known as “The Gals”.

  1.  They are GOOD…                                                                                                                                             I love the men’s team as well, but they just don’t match up when it comes to          international success.  3 World Cup Titles 4 Olympic Gold Medals, and many more international tournament titles.  We have dominated international women’s soccer since it started.
  2. They are good and do it with STYLE…                                                                                                      The way the USWNT plays is unlike any other team in the world.  Fast pace, pressure, high scoring, passionate, skillful, and always dramatic in big moments.  Whether it is winning by PK’s, winning on last second goals (see Abby Wambach in the 2011 WC against Brazil *chills*), or scoring midfield goals in the WC final against Japan (See Carli Lloyd’s amazing performance to lead the team to their 3rd World Cup Title in 2015).  They get you to watch because they win, but the way they do it keeps you watching game after game and year after year.
  3. They are attractive…                                                                                                                                   We all know it.  And we all know this is why they initially get attention from many viewers.  This often times leads to an appreciation for their badassness, so I am okay with it.  For those of you who only watch because you think they are hot and do not appreciate the skill and heart shown on that field…shame on you.
  4. They are INSPIRING…                                                                                                                                 Name a team who has captured the hearts and minds of so many little girls (and boys) in recent memory like the USWNT has.  You can’t.
  5. They represent GIRL POWER…                                                                                                                  Obama said it himself when the team visited the White House after winning the 2015 WC, “This team taught all America’s children that “playing like a girl” means you’re a badass.”  They give girls the courage to go out there and play with the boys.  To beat the boys.  And to hold their own and stand up for themselves.  To see more about their visit to the White House, and what Obama had to say about how they represent girl power, check this out

More to come. Did you really think I could fit everything into one post?? 



Excuse the Randomness

It has been a while since I have written about anything other than the Fed Up Challenge or reposting other bloggers’ writings.  So I figured it was time for a little current update.  Excuse the randomness.

I am currently training for a half marathon, and have been for the past couple of months.  It is something I have always wanted to do, but could never quite find the time or motivation to actually do or get started with training for one.  But this spring after season was over I decided to put aside the excuses and just do it.  It has been time consuming, and has pretty much eliminated my beloved lifting schedule, but it has definitely been worth it.  To me, there is nothing better than the feeling you get after demolishing a long run.  (Side note: I ran 10.5 miles of Saturday and my calves are still thanking me for it as we speak).  The race is a week from Saturday and I can’t wait!!   I also struggle with competitiveness.  Now I know this shouldn’t be considered a “struggle”, but when it could cause you to die because you want to WIN not just finish a long race, it becomes a struggle.  I think I have finally trained my brain to just be happy with finishing this first one though…we will see come race day when I start scouting out the competition at the start line, and sprint out of the gate.  It is just in my nature as a coach and former college athlete to settle for nothing less than 1st place.

On another note, the past couple of weeks have been loaded with weddings, concerts, and Ranger games.  I am not complaining one bit.  My cousin Shannon got married last weekend to a wonderful man and she looked BEAUTIFUL *tear*

I also attended the concerts of Mat Kearney(My absolute fav since like 2006), and a combo concert with Matt Nathanson, The Fray, and Train.  Mainly went for The Fray, but all three artists put on a great show and the weather was PERFECT!  No rain(finally), and no Texas heat (yet).

Yesterday we went to the Ranger game and let me tell you, I am so glad Hamilton is back!! Not just for the walk off double to center field, but also because I hope that Texas and DFW can be somewhere he can live and thrive as a human being.  I just feel like LA wasn’t the place God needed him to be.  It is so good to see him succeeding and gaining his confidence back once again.  Also, no rain, and no heat (yet).

A week from tomorrow my sister and I will be headed to Seattle/Canada to site-see, run the half marathon, and to see the US Women’s National Team play in the World Cup!!  I will be marking two things off of my bucket list (half marathon, and World Cup) in the next couple of weeks and I’m ecstatic!  I am a total USWNT groupie, but most of y’all probably know that.  I still want to be on the team “when I grow up”, and Mia Hamm will forever be my idol.  There is nothing like US soccer.  NOTHING.

I will cry if they don’t win this World Cup(I do every time)…I have been waiting for this since ’99.  But they WON’T!!  They’re taking it home again, I can feel it!!

Okay I will stop rambling now.  Hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start, and congrats to all you teachers for finishing another year of educating our youth!!! We can never thank you enough!! And to all my friends who just finished their first full year of teaching…kudos to you.  I taught some courses at Cameron this past year and I don’t know how y’all do it all day every day.  Much respect.