Germany: 12/09-10/2015 (Munich)


We arrived in Munich this afternoon, got to our hostel, found out how to do laundry, and went to a nearby Brauhaus for dinner. 


Visited the first concentration camp Dachau today.  The place is already eerie and gloomy, and the fog that covered the grounds just added to that atmosphere. 

The museum that was housed in what they called “The Maintenance Building” was full of information. You got to go through a reconstructed bunkhouse, as well as your where bunkhouses once stood. 

At the end there were some religious memorials, and you were able to tour the crematorium where they burned the dead. 

Although depressing, it was an amazing experience.  

This evening we visited 3 Christmas markets and got to see a little of what Munich has to offer. It’s a beautiful city. I had some good food and took in the atmosphere around me.

   I still have a long list of places I want to see before we leave Sunday.  Tomorrow will be a day trip to the castle, and Saturday we will meet up with Coach Hat in the afternoon.  Luckily many of the sites are not only close to one another, but also close to where we are staying, so we should be able to view most of them. 


Author: kescott12

College basketball coach, fitness fanatic, Jesus lover, and wanderluster

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