Germany: 12/6 (Prague)

First full day in Prague went great. We left the apartment and took the first tram to a stop where we were supposed to switch to another tram that would take us up to as close as we could get to Prague Castle.  The first tram was packed, and the sidewalk waiting for the second was too.  When the second arrived there was no way we were getting on.  We decided to just walk and I’m glad we did.  I love public transportation in Europe and the time it saves you, but there is NOTHING like roaming the streets of a new city, seeing sites you didn’t know existed, and getting a little lost at times. 

Prague Castle is a huge complex on to of a hill overlooking the city.  I’m pretty sure I read that it is actually the largest castle complex in Europe.  As it is Sunday and the weather was nice and sunny, the place was PACKED!!! We did get to see the changing of the guard in front of the royal Palace at noon which was cool.  

We saw most of we could see other than th inside of St. Vitus Cathedral.  The line would’ve taken hours to get through.  

We went a little different route back down the hill, saw some more sites like the “Fred and Ginger” Dancing House, ate some street food, and stumbled upon Wencsalas Square, one of the main city centers for shopping and people watching. 

We returned home for some down time before heading to a local restaurant that our host recomennded for dinner. I was not too impressed with the food, but it was close and had cheap drinks like this half a liter of beer for the equivalent of $1.40. 

Tomorrow we will do a free walking tour to gain some more insight on some of the sites we saw last night, as well as discover some new things in this beautiful city. 


Author: kescott12

College basketball coach, fitness fanatic, Jesus lover, and wanderluster

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