Germany: 12/2-4/2015 (Berlin)


Woke up this morning, ate breakfast, said bye to the fam bam, and headed out to the Düsseldorf airport to meet up with Kalin.  My timing was perfect.  As I was walking up to the customs gate she was walking out. We caught the tram to get to the station where our train to Berlin would be leaving.  We ended up having 2 hours to waste so we found a Starbucks at the station and caught up while we waited.  Finally, around 8:00 PM we arrived at Wombats City Hostel Berlin.  We were placed in a 6 bed room. Three of the beds were taken when we got there, but the girls were not there. We got settled in then headed out to find something to eat.  We found a bar/grill.  The food wasn’t great but it worked.  Then it was time for bed. 


Hardly got any sleep last night. I’ve decided that although they are nicer than I thought they would be, I’m too old for hostels.  I’m too light of a sleeper.  We haven’t yet decided where we will be staying in Prague so I went ahead and booked an AirBnB in hopes that we will get a little better rest.  Also, Prague is super cheap and renting an entire apartment is the same price as staying at a hostel. 

Today the weather was great so we hit up all the outdoor Berlin sites because there’s a chance of rain tomorrow.  We started off with walking to Alexanderplatz to see the TV Tower.  

 After getting our public transport passes we headed to the Brandenburg Gate, City Hall (The Reichtag), and Holocaust Memorial.  


Then it was off to Checkpoint Charlie, The Topography of Terror, and the most anticipated part of our Berlin visit, the east side gallery. 

We were worn out and decided to go chill a bit at the hostel before checking out a Christmas Market.  While the view and scenery around the market was beautiful, it just didn’t hold up to my standards set by the Cologne Markets.  


Our last day in Berlin started off by going to the Berlin Cathedral on Museum Island. Museum Island reminds me a lot of DC. A lot of museums in one area, and a ton of beautiful architecture.  

We went into one of the museums called the Pergamon and it was very impressive.  Although the Pergamon alter was not open due to construction, we were still able to see King Nebuchadnezzar’s gate from Babylon, and a Roman Gate as well as many other artifacts.  

After the museums we went to see the Kaiser Wilhelm church, a church that was heavily bombed during the war yet they kept it as is and it now serves as a memorial of sorts.  

To end our day we visited the largest department store in Europe KaDaWe, got a picture with pink Santa, ate dinner with a cat at a Brauhaus, and saw a few more fair like markets. 

Tomorrow it’s off to Prague!


Author: kescott12

College basketball coach, fitness fanatic, Jesus lover, and wanderluster

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