Germany: 11/26/2015 (Thanksgiving)

I have spent the past two years away from home on Thanksgiving. Last year because of work, and this year because I am in Germany.  I LOVE Thanksgiving and I do not like being away from family on this day, but God always provides. 

Last year I spent it at one of my player’s homes in Amarillo with the team.  It was such a great and blessed time with a wonderful group of girls.  This year I was able to prepare a Thanksgiving meal on my own for the first time, and serve it to a family as their first ever celebration of the holiday.  

Not only that, but this morning the weather was nice, cool, and crisp with the sun shining for once!  The perfect Thanksgiving morning.  I went for a run before beginning my day in the kitchen. As I was cooling off, a man on a bike rode past me. Now this is something that happens 20 plus times a day. People love their bikes and feet around here and I love them for it.   This particular instance was different though.  

You see, I have been here for over 5 weeks now and I can’t remember a single time when someone I passed on the street said hello, smiled, or even acknowledged I was there unless I initiated the exchange.  It is just not something that is a part of the culture here like it is back home.

Well this man smiled and very brightly said “Morgen!!”, meaning morning in German. It made my day.  It is true that a simple hello or smile can brighten someone’s day.  Pass on the love and enjoy life, people!!! 

Anyways, back to the meal.  I timed everything perfectly, as my perfectionist planner self tends to do, and dinner was ready and in the table at the planned time of 6:00.  Everything looked perfect other than the missing roll that Lennart had already grabbed and stuffed in his mouth all in one bite. 

We sat down and I said that before we ate we all had to say something we were thankful for. *pat on the back: I said this all in German by the way*. Paula said she was thankful for the food I cooked and for her birthday coming up next weekend haha.  Lenny, well Lenny was being his usual self, tried to grab a price of turkey with his hands from across the table while we were talking and his dad got onto to him. He then proceeded to cry and complain about being hungry and wanting to eat right then and now.  Kid is 8 and couldn’t wait one more minute. Not gonna lie, this kind of upset me so I said just let him eat. 

Things settled down once he started stuffing his face.  They LOVED the good.  I was so glad and relieved.  Monika picked up the full turkey she had ordered on her way home from work and after eating the one I cooked she said that they will have to cook this again for Christmas because they liked it so much.  

 After dinner, Monika, Raphael, and myself spent about an hour drinking wine and talking about movies.  It was a great way to end a different but very very good Thanksgiving. 

Thank you to all of you who have been keeping up with the blog, and keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.  I love you all and hope they your Thanksgiving is a time of joy and happiness as mine was. God Bless!!!


Author: kescott12

College basketball coach, fitness fanatic, Jesus lover, and wanderluster

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