Germany: 11/22&25/2015


This afternoon we drove about thirty minutes to an open air museum.  The place reminded me a lot of Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth.  It was a park where they had relocated historic German homes, shops, barns, etc, and out them all in one park.  Most of the building dated back to the 1700’s, but a couple of them were older.  One of which was from the  1400’s. 




They also had a walk through building that looked as if you were in a German town but you were indoors.  The mannequins were a bit creepy, but it was a neat interpretation of what a German city looked liked during French rule, Nazi party rule and then after WWII. 


It was very cold today, we even got some snow on the drive home, but I’m glad we went. 


It is the Wednesday before thanksgiving.  It snowed here again yesterday for a while. It did not stick though.  Paula is sick so she has stayed home with me the last two days. 

 Tomorrow I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the family.  I have never done this before on my own so I am excited and nervous about it.  Mainly nervous because they really don’t understand Thanksgiving.  I had mentioned it way back when I first got here and before I realized that dinner isn’t a big meal for them.  I had to make sure I told them this when she asked me about Thanksgiving again a few weeks ago. 

They also don’t ever eat turkey in Germany so Monika special ordered one from the butcher. I went to pick it up today and they didn’t have it so I got a huge turkey breast.  I told Monika this when she got home and she said I was supposed to tell them I was picking it up for her. She did not tell me this beforehand.  Miscommunication is a daily occurance around here.  I can make do with what I got though. 

I also searched and searched the store for canned pumpkin purée.  None to be found. So I made a pumpkin pie from scratch, not a bad accomplishment for my first time ever making a pumpkin pie.  Shhh… Don’t tell anyone that crust is store bought though. 

 I baked the pie today to get it out of the way. Hope it tastes as good as it looks.  I will be cooking the turkey, bacon wrapped green beans, mashed potatoes, bread, and gravy tomorrow.  Wish me luck. 


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