Germany: 11/18-19/2015


I went to Bonn today to visit a museum called Haus Der Geschichte, or History Of History.  The museum is focused on the history of Germany post WWII. It was one the best arranged and most impressive museums I have ever been to.  Not all of the articles had English explanations, but most of the main signs did so I was able to know what I was looking at for the most part.  

One thing that I learned and found interesting was about how hesitant the country was after th  war to build and new army or for anyone to join.  I can understand why.  Because of this fear they “repurposed” the army and considered members more as “civilian protectors” rather than soldiers.  

A piece of the Berlin Wall.  
 File cards containing info on missing people that family members were searching for.  
A repurposed US army jeep. 

Before catching my train back, I wondered around the town a little bit and they were beginning to set up for their main Christmas Market.  This one was to open on the 20th.  My patience is waning. I can’t wait until they all open up! Also, only two more weeks and Kalin gets here to start our 2 week adventure!

Department store window display  



 The windmill that is unique to Bonn’s market.  

Today I decided to run to the nearby village of Frechen to check it out.  I had only heard of it just last week because Monika said there was an Aldi there.  The Aldi was in a different part of town and I want to see the main area, so that is where I headed.  I LOVE how everything is connected by sidewalks and bike paths here.  I can literally run 2-3 miles in any direction from my house and reach some kind of village or town with its own unique charm.  I wandered around for a bit then caught the bus home.    


On a different note, I read a blog today from a missionary in Africa talking about how we as Christians should feel and handle the refugee/ISIS situation.  To sum it up, the author stated that for some reason as American Christians we believe that safety is our God given right. However, this is an American idiology. For 1,000’s of years, and even still today in many parts of the world, Christians are not covered in safety.  God does not say we will have a constant safety blanket over us. Rather he states that we WILL suffer and face persecution for living for Him.  Sometimes in order to grow His Kingdom we must step out of our comfort zone and enter unsafe territory in some form or fashion.  It is not our job or purpose to be “safe”.  Our job as Christians is to live as Jesus did, even if it means sacrificing our safety.  Just something I found interesting and made me think about the situations we are currently facing in a different way. 


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