Germany: 11/04/2015

I have been here for two weeks now. I am getting more comfortable each and every day, but also missing some things from home more. 

Yesterday I traveled to Bonn to meet up with another English tutor.  She is also a southern ginger girl, so that was fun haha. We saw sights like a beautiful church and university, as well as Beethoven’s house.  And of course the Haribo store 😋. 

 After walking to the Rhine we ate döner and I headed back home.  Now if you have never had döner, I highly recommend it. Especially if you like Gyros.

Oh did I mention that I had some troubles getting to Bonn?  Let’s just say that some I feel pretty good about my ability to have gotten it all figured out. I take line 18 to get to Bonn.  My first train didn’t come. So I got on the next one. Which stopped before Bonn and started going the other way.  I got off and the next stop, waited 10 minutes for the next 18 and finally got on and made it to Bonn. 

The other tutor and I are trying to get some plans together to go to Amsterdam for a weekend soon, and I also plan on going to a Bible study in Cologne tomorrow evening which I am super excited about. 

Last night Monika’s mom came into town to help clean the house and iron clothes.  I guess she does this about two times a month. Must be nice.  Today it was just me and Oma all day until the kids got home from school.  She speaks zero English…we were able to communicate though and I was a little proud of my improving German skills.  She also brought me a big box of chocolate, and is a typical Grandma in that she kept asking if I had eaten, usually right after I had just gotten done eating.  After about 5 minutes each time I was able to tell her that yes I had eaten, and no I do not want you to make me anything. Hopefully tomorrow we can somehow communicate more effectively. 


Author: kescott12

College basketball coach, fitness fanatic, Jesus lover, and wanderluster

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