Germany: 10/24/2015

Much like back home, since it was Saturday, the entire family slept in.  We then ate breakfast together before preparing the house and food for the party tonight. Around 11:00 I went with Monika to buy groceries and so I could buy ingredients to bake brownies.  We got home only to realize we indeed needed more oil and sugar.  So I walked (which is so nice btw) back to the store and picked some up.  

Lunch was more Bigos, not complaining, and then one of their neighbors came over so we could meet. His name is Jan and he is a 24 yr old student working towards his doctorate in Physics.  He was very friendly and invited me to explore Cologne that afternoon if I didn’t have plans.  Of course I didn’t, so around 4:00 he picked me up. We drove to the train station to catch the team into downtown. He explained to me much better on how the system worked as well.  

We saw much of the city, got to go into the Cathedral, and he told me little facts about things we were seeing around town that I NEVER would have known of. One of which was in the parking garage used for the Cathedral.  The old city wall from medieval times can be found down there underground. Really really cool, and I’m super grateful to have had such a great “tour guide” willing to show me these little hidden things.  My prayers and your prayers for a chance to explore and be able to feel safe and fully enjoy myself were answered!  



 We also got some more amazing gelato as a demonstration paraded through regarding the refugee situation that Germany is involved in.  We walked then walked across the Rhein River and went up to a lookout platform to see the skyline. It was an amazing view and another thing I would not have known to do on my own.  

 After crossing back over the bridge we went to a couple of “Brauhauses” so I could try the “Kölsch” beer that is unique to Cologne.  

I am not a beer drinker, but When in Rome… So I tried it and actually liked it somewhat. The first one at least from a brewery called Sion, the other not so much. Regardless, visiting the brew houses was an experience in itself. 

 We then returned to Gleuel for the party. I ate way too much good food then went to my room to relax.  I won’t be sleeping any time soon though unfortunately.  The party room is right next to mine, it is currently a little past midnight, and every minute the party gets louder and louder.  Jan says that this is customary for Polish parties, as he is Polish as well. The Germans and the Polish know how to “turn up” and put us Americans to shame for sure haha.

 Overall, a day I thought would not be very eventful was full of answered prayers and ended up being my dear day yet here in Germany.  I hope for many more days like it soon now that I know some of how things work a little better.  I plan on going to Heidelberg where my dad was born within the next week. 

P.S. They loved the brownies. ☺️


Author: kescott12

College basketball coach, fitness fanatic, Jesus lover, and wanderluster

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