Haiti: Day 6 

Day 6 would be our last full day on the mountain.  Today Jennifer and myself volunteered to help cook the high nutrition food for the locals.  It was a process that took around two hours but was very rewarding.  

We also experienced some of what Sharon and Ernie deal with on a daily basis today.  A young boy who’s parents had left and was staying with his sister came up to the house complaining about what seemed to be a hernia.  Jean-Claude, the local man who donated his land had Malaria, and another local had shingles.  They really need a nurse that stays up there.  

Jerry, a young man who is blind came up to the house with a family member and sang for us.  We had to bribe him with a lolly-pop, or what the Haitians call pee-willies, but he ended up singing and it was beautiful. 

That afternoon we decided to hike once again. One time up the mountain was not near enough.  John, AKA Captain No Underpants, was one of the children who came up to “help” us on our journey. Cutest little boy ever, just didn’t like to wear pants.  Loved to crawl all over you…but yeah, you get the picture. 

After our hike I had the privilege to play soccer with Luben’s wife and a few other girls.   She is amazing.  As I mentioned in my last post, she lost her leg in the earthquake.  She took off her prosthetic leg and used crutches when she played.  What she was able to do is astounding.  Very impressive. 

What was even more impressive was the meal we had that evening.  Jean-Claude’s wife cooked a Haitian dinner for us that included chicken, rice with black beans, a special coleslaw type salad, fried plantains and potatoes, and a sauce.  I want it again just writing about it. So good. 

While we were eating dinner, some men from the village came up to confront Ernie and our drivers.  They had some issues with what was going on on the mountain, but really had no footing or sound reasoning behind their argument. Charlie explained to us afterwards how one of the biggest issues in Haiti is jealousy.  They see people rising up and bettering themselves so they want to knock them down. Jimmy said, “people only throw rocks at the red mangos, not the green ones”. I told him that in America we say “haters gonna hate”.  Then we broke out into Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.  Anyways, pray for the people of Belo, especially the young men who are suffering from envy. 


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