Seattle Trip 2015

As you probably know, my sister and I have been on our first “sister trip” since Tuesday.  We spent Tuesday-Saturday in Seattle and it was amazing!! 

The evening we arrived we decided to kick off our experience with dinner on the water to watch the sunset on Redondo Beach.  Never knew that Washington state had a Redondo too!  Not quite as beautiful as Cali’s, but beautiful in its own right.  


The next day (Wednesday) we decided to hit up Pike Place Market and Bainbridge Island.  I have come to the conclusion that Pike Place just may be one of my favorite places I have ever been.  You could literally spends hours perusing the offerings the vendors have.  You could also literally spend tons of money on all the wonderful food options they offer as well. We of course had Starbucks, and then bought some local apple chips (amazingness), and ate lunch at the famous Pirohsky Pirohsky. 

          We also had to make a stop at the infamous “Gum Wall” and add our own addition to the collection. 
After having our yearly fill of Hubba Bubba we set off for the ferry to Bainbridge Island. If anything the view from the ferry ride is worth the trip. 
 On Thursday we took a walking food tour of the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. We ate at local restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes, while also learning some history about Seattle.  


 Friday our friend Heidi, whom I worked with at Western Texas College and lives in Central Washington, met up with us and we headed to Snoqualmie Falls. Let me tell you, it is GEORGEOUS!!! Also, the usage of selfie sticks is an art form that I may never master. 

  We then headed back into the city for lunch at a place I have been wanting to visit since I planned the trip here. Oddfellows Cafe in the Capitol Hill area.  Neat place. Great food. Amazing ice cream shop and park around the corner. Not to mention an awesome record store too.    


After lunch and ice cream we went to the Space Needle and Marathon Expo to pick up our packets and materials for race day!!  

      And for the grand finale to our Seattle trip…Saturday morning I competed in my very first Half Marathon!!  It exceeded all my expectations in a good way! Not only was the process smooth and organized, but the weather was perfect, the course was challenging but beautiful, and my pace was a good 30 seconds faster than I had ever run! I ended up placing 32 out of 650 in my age division.  Something I didn’t expect to do.  

And of course, before we headed out of town to go to Vancouver we had to stop at our favorite little hipster cafe Oddfellows for some post run brunch.  

Stay tuned for our Canada/World Cup adventures!!!



Author: kescott12

College basketball coach, fitness fanatic, Jesus lover, and wanderluster

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