Willpower (5)

It’s the morning of day 6 so we are halfway done!! Yesterday actually wasn’t too bad. I’ve found keeping busy is what helps the most, which is the case when trying to keep anything off your mind. 

My mom had a surprise retirement party for a friend over at the house so I picked up a cake for it. Yes it looked amazingly good, but for once in my life I wasn’t just DYING to have a piece. 

 Then, I went to a friends’ graduation party and her mom offered me chips and salsa.  Can’t have the chips for another few days and the salsa more than likely had some form of added sugar in it. I refused…politely, and get this, easily! Amazing. Refusing chips and salsa is a feat in its own right, but refusing easily is just a miracle from heaven!  

I then proceeded to go eat dinner before heading to The House of Blues for my husband Mat Kearney’s concert. I have been doing a lot of research online of what restaurants use to prepare their foods, and yep you guessed it, sugar is in nearly every single product. Most of it coming in numerous forms in the seasonings they use.  Why?  Why is it necessary to have a seasoning blend containing 4 different types of sugar to put on your grilled chicken???  I’m telling ya, the food industry in The States is jacked. Anyways, I found chipotle uses no added sugars in any of their products so that’s where I headed and was able to get my usual order of a chicken salad and of course it was delicious. It’s freaking chipotle.  

Left Chipotle and my friend Becky offered me gum afterwards, another weakness of mine. Always chewing it. Contains artificial sweeteners.  Once again, politely and easily declined.  This thing is getting easier y’all, and I’m feeling so much better. 

Here’s to the second half of the challenge!!

Oh, and if you’re participating as well, anything at Chipotle, Jason’s Deli’s chicken, and Genghis Grill are the 3 places I’ve found without added sugars.  Of course avoid sauces while at Jason’s or GG. 



Author: kescott12

College basketball coach, fitness fanatic, Jesus lover, and wanderluster

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