Willpower (part deux) 

So day one is over and done with and day two has started. Currently drinking my black coffee as we speak 😝. Trying to cut back on caffeine as well, but doing that a little more slowly rather than cold turkey. Last night my mom and I went grocery shopping to restock the pantry that I pretty much completely cleared out yesterday afternoon of all foods that we cannot have for the next 10 days. Not going to lie, it feels like there is nothing you are allowed to eat at first. Then you realize that this deception comes from the heavy reliance we have on processed foods. There’s plenty of things you can eat, you just may have to take a few extra minutes to prepare it rather than reaching your hand into a box! 

Here’s to day two!! 


Author: kescott12

College basketball coach, fitness fanatic, Jesus lover, and wanderluster

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